Posted by: Kim | December 29, 2006

Time for more Pac-10 redemption!

Sun Bowl cookiesSun Bowl Day is finally here. The Beaver flag has already been raised outside, the cookies are baked and iced, and the only thing remaining before the 11am kickoff time is the Oregon beer and wine run. Yes, 11am kickoff, which means early drinking today. DH stayed home from work just for this event, which karmically explains why Kato contracted a head cold that started to hit full force yesterday. That’s ok, we’ll just leave him his own end of the couch!

Congrats to the Cal Golden Bears for getting some Pac-10 bowl redemption rolling last night. They beat the Texas A&M Aggies 45-10 in the Holiday Bowl here in San Diego. It’s been quite an embarrassing start for the Pac-10, with Oregon, UCLA and Arizona State all losing their respective bowls to date. Now OSU and USC need to finish strong to just get the Pac-10 up to a 3-3 finish. If the Pac-10 continues to get over 50% of their teams invited to bowls just to turn around and lose, they run the risk of being bashed for getting invites purely based on the reputation of the conference or bowl agreements. It would be no better than Notre Dame. They haven’t won a bowl game since they won the 1994 Cotton Bowl, but have been invited to (and lost in) 3 Fiesta Bowls, 2 Gator Bowls, and an Orange, Independence and Insight Bowl since that time. I personally attended two of those bowl losses since they were against Oregon State. Notre Dame sucked! Did I mention that they’ve had 4 coaches since that Cotton Bowl? I’m digressing here while I’m trying to make a point. The Pac-10 has got to suck it up and finish delivering.

OSU Beaver cookieAs far as the Sun Bowl goes, the Beavers are 3.5 point favorites as of this morning. According to media reports this week the Missouri Tigers were wracked with the stomach flu as well, with over 20 players and coaches affected during their practices this week in El Paso. The way I see it, OSU has no excuse not to win. GO BEAVS!



  1. GO BEAVS!!!

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