Posted by: Kim | December 27, 2006

Curses! I’ve been tagged!

I have to thank Christine from Yarn About Yarn for tagging me on this one. Basically, the rules are that I have to post 6 weird things about me, then tag six other bloggers to continue this game. Considering my circle of blog friends is pretty small and I believe some have been tagged already, I’m going to hold off on passing the tags along for now. There are a couple of you out there that I’ve been encouraging to start blogs (you know who you are). I could really use you now!

I had to mull this assignment over in my head most of today while working on Kato’s second sock. It sounds easy, but I wanted to come up with truly “weird” things. So, here goes…

  1. Much to my parents chagrin, I used to like to chew on gravel and rocks when I was really young.
  2. My family moved from the Midwest to Oregon when I was five years old. We had two pairs of ducks that came with us, so my dad loaded them into what looked like two dog houses on top of our green wood-paneled station wagon for the drive across the U.S. We must have looked like the Clampetts from the Beverly Hillbillies.
  3. I slept with a blanket beyond what I would now consider an appropriate age. My parents had to bribe me to give it up by promising me an album if I would sleep without it for a week. I made it through the week and I asked for “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain & Tennille. I’m not sure what’s more weird—the fact that I picked that album or the blanket use.
  4. My first job was hauling racing pigeons to race release points.
  5. I still have a crush on John Taylor from Duran Duran over 20 years later.
  6. I like eating my french fries with really good tartar sauce.


  1. Nothing wrong with fries and tartar sauce! But then again, you already know how weird I am! 🙂

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