Posted by: Kim | December 21, 2006

What did we say about drinking and knitting?

Some of you may remember my near disaster with running out of Tagliatelli for the trim on the Harlow coat. I located another hank locally and picked it up on Sunday so I could possibly finish this project before the year was out.

So, the other day I was banished to the bedroom while male present-wrapping was happening downstairs. I thought, “I know—I’ll take my Harlow trim and my new ball of yarn with me and work on that while I’m waiting.” And so the disaster was soon discovered.

How many stitches do you count on this needle?

Harlow trim_1

That’s right—twelve. And how many stitches are supposed to be on this needle? Eight. Ok, so I must have screwed up just recently, as I can clearly see that the other end has eight stitches. I’ll just frog back to where the mistake happened and start again. I’ll just count the “loops” on every fourth row and figure out where I forgot to decrease to make up for my increase.

Please note where the other knitting needle is inserted.

Harlow trim_2

THAT is where I started going wrong. Apparently, I was missing a decrease every once in a awhile until I increased the width by 50%! How much wine could I have possible drunk in the last week to not notice this? I should be in a complete blackout! I think this explains why I was so short of yarn–DUH!! So I now have a backup hank already wound into a ball, which I may be able to save for a future project. I’m just frogging the whole strip and starting over…crap.



  1. uh oh, knitting under the influence! Can’t wait to see the finished project with the trim and all!

  2. Girlfriend, that is EXACTLY why we are opening that combo yarn store and wine bar! đŸ™‚ But that doesn’t mean we can’t enable others!

  3. Opps aren’t opening–yes, I was day dreaming about it as I typed. That Freudian slip thing again……

  4. omg! whoops!

  5. I don’t know–maybe if I was drinking while frogging, I would enjoy it more. I think I have the whole thing backwards! BTW, the ball winder is coming out this morning so I can start over.

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