Posted by: Kim | December 20, 2006

Not a bad birthday

Birthday badgeOk, I’ll be the first to tell you that I was not that into my birthday this year. After turning 40 last year, this one didn’t seem to be that big of a deal. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted, anyplace I wanted to go. I have to say that for being a non-exciting birthday, it turned out pretty well.

The night before (Monday the 18th) I received a beautiful delivery of flowers from my mom & stepdad. That started off the mood nicely! By the next morning, I’d finally decided what I wanted to do with my day. The DH was going to cook my birthday dinner, so I selected my recipes and made out the grocery list for him since he was tied up at work for the day. Then I told Kato I wanted to go somewhere where I could have a glass of champagne and see the San Diego coast. Just as we were ready to walk out the door, UPS delivered my Warm Winter Exchange gift from my secret pal. Wohoo! Off we went to the Top of the Hyatt, and in no time, I was sipping champagne from the 40th floor and enjoying the view. Talk about a mesmerizing view for a sunset, let alone how clear it was! These were taken looking out on the San Diego bay, with Coronado Island and the Coronado Bridge predominately featured. The Mexican coastline is in the far distance.


After this wonderful afternoon treat, we headed home and DH had the grill going with Lemon-Dill Shrimp and an awesome Grecian Orzo salad to accompany them. We drank the bottle of 2006 Seifried Nelson Pinot Gris that my sister brought back from New Zealand with dinner, then it was gift time! Since I’m trying not to burn up all of my space on WordPress, I’ve posted the gift photos here on Flickr if you’re interested in checking them out. For you knitters out there, I do promise at least one photo of knitting project porn!

Being a grown-up is much cooler than I would have thought when I was 18!



  1. Muff is one great friend!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!!! I wouldn’t have even guess you were 40. You got to be shitting me. What kind of magic camera do you use to take pictures of yourself? I want one too!

  3. what a fancy b-day!

  4. I have to say, that All Clad pot appears to be the finest gift anyone could ask for.

    Just the 2 cents of some random websurfer that stumbled across your blog and was so moved by the gift I had to post.
    Random passer-by…

  5. Christine – I would have to agree that Muff is one great friend. Obviously a kindred knitter, so she knows the best project gifts. Plus, she’s the one I’m making the window for, so she doesn’t even hold that against me! 🙂

    Kenny – You crack me up!! Thanks! I truly believe that age is all in your head, as long as you can ignore the body creaks that start up. My knees are starting already when I do stairs. Secret of youthful aging? I was going to comment on the news that Cambridge scientists say that a red wine component chemcial may contribute (yes!), but then I saw on CNN this morning that it would take literally 1,000 glasses in one day to get the right dose. Never mind. So, if the camera helps, it’s the Canon Elph SD450, or I thank the facial line of Patricia Wexler, M.D.; which can be located at Bath and Body Works. 🙂

    Secret Pal – yeah, it was a great day. One of these days I’ll post about my 40th party last year. My lovely DH exceeded any of my expectations with that one.

    Not Kato – You’re so transparent… 🙂

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