Posted by: Kim | December 17, 2006

Journey to LA

LAXAh, it’s always good to come home after driving north to LA. As a San Diego resident, many disparaging remarks are often said whenever one finds themselves forced to drive to our bigger sister to the north. In fact, I almost considered using one of the nicknames for this area in my post title, but Kato advised me that perhaps I do not want to alienate my readership from that locale. I have refrained.

It turns out the drive wasn’t bad. The rain held off to small scattered showers until I had arrived, so I was happy. The traffic on the 405 was exactly what I expected—German autobahn mixed with sudden occurrences of 15mph gridlock at places that make no sense. Once I arrived, I headed straight to the Encounter restaurant. For those of you who have not visited LAX, you would still know this place. Recognize this building?

Theme building

Every movie and television show that ever included LAX always shows a shot of the Theme Building. It’s right in the middle of the airport and is instantly recognizable. Even with the times I’ve flown through LAX, I’ve never visited this place.

Encounter interiorI had to laugh when the elevator doors closed and this music started as I ascended to the restaurant. If you go to their web page, they play the same music. As I stepped off the elevator, I was transported to Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. Wow! It was so kitschy! It made sense after reading the history of the Encounter. Staff at Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) were involved in the design of this restaurant.

In the end, the food was good, the company even better. My sister and her best friend brought back three various bottles of Kim Crawford for Christmas and a bottle of Seifried Pinot Gris for my birthday. It turns out that she could not get the wine in Melbourne due to a 600ml limit on transporting wines into New Zealand, where her connecting flight was originating from. So, we received New Zealand wines. I’m just fine with that. All of us agreed that their next trip in February called for a wine suitcase that could be checked through.

And, I did pick up the Tagliatelli yesterday, so I will be working on finishing the Harlow coat this week. Yeah!



  1. that is amazing!!!!! what a cool place to eat

  2. Seattle’s Space Needle is like that too. They remind me of a Jetsons cartoon – what people in the past thought the future would look like, complete with household conveyor belts and robots with feather dusters.

  3. Little sister here ~ We had a blast at the Encounter Restaurant. After 18 hours of flying to get to LA (from Melbourne, Australia) I immediately partaked in 4 margarita’s to numb myself enough to board my last flight home to Minnesota. My best friend Pam and I LOVED visiting with my big sister. Shes the greatest and I love having her as my friend as well as my sister. 🙂

  4. I think I’m going to cry… 🙂

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