Posted by: Kim | December 16, 2006

30-second update

I’ve gotta make this short, as I have to get cleaned up and make the drive north to LA this morning.  And it’s supposed to rain no less.  Normally this would not be a big deal from me, having grown up in Oregon, but when you mix Southern California drivers with wet roads, all hell breaks loose.  So, here’s the quick bullet update…

  • Harlow coat – The good news is that I was able to locate a hank of Tagliatelli in Raphael at The Black Sheep in Encinitas yesterday morning when I called them.  The bad news is that I also had to stick around the house for a UPS delivery that required a signature.  And yes, the driver showed up at 5:00pm.  So, no coat for the company holiday party.
  • The washing machine decided to pull a fast one on me late in the afternoon as well.  It just didn’t stop filling up, so by the time I went out to the garage for the third time to get packing materials to ship gifts, I noticed the Amazon River was coming from the bottom of the washer and flowing (like all good rivers do) with the geographical slope of the floor toward the garage door.  Dieter and DH’s Harley looked as if they were really enjoying the “bath” on their tires.  I opened the door to release the flow—it was quite an amazing sight to see all that water whoosh out into the driveway.  Luckily, it turned out to be a disconnected hose in the control panel and I’m not going to get a new washing machine for my birthday next week.  (Yeah, I actually kinda wanted it at that point.)
  • I’m driving to LAX to meet my sister today.  She’s flying back from a work trip to Australia and she purchased some wine for us for Christmas.  The problem is that we now have that wonderful 3oz liquid rule on carry-on, so she can’t get them back from LA to Minneapolis.  So, I get to pick them up during her 5-hour layover.  It will be nice to visit as well.  I’m just not looking forward to the drive.  Oh, and I’m stopping at The Black Sheep on the way to pick up my yarn.  Yah!
  • To my secret pal:  The box has not arrived yet.  Our mail carrier was extremely late last night, and I still bugged DH to check the mail one more time before we left for the party.  No dice.  I’ll keep you updated.  Actually, the sense of anticipation is building enough to make me feel like a kid at Christmas.  Kinda cool!

Ok, I’m off to shower.  Maybe I’ll take my camera along to share the pain of the drive with all of you later.



  1. hey!

    I actually sent your package UPS ground… they said at the latest it should be there by monday 🙂 have a good weekend

  2. Very cool! Thanks for the update, Secret Pal! I can’t wait for tomorrow! 🙂

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