Posted by: Kim | December 15, 2006

How can I run out of yarn now?!

Nothing makes me more grouchy than to be cranking on a project so that I can finish it by a deadline and run out of yarn.  Yes, I’ve run out of Tagliatelli for the Harlow coat trim.  And we’re not just talking about an inch or so short.  Check this out:

Harlow with partial trim

 How does one short themselves by this much?  Here’s my theory:  The small and medium sizes on this pattern call out for 2 hanks, while the large calls out for 3.  But, the measurement that really affects the requirement for this yarn is the length of the coat.  With me so far?  So, if the length of the coat is exactly the same for all three sizes, shouldn’t you need 3 hanks, no matter which size you are knitting?  Any thoughts/comments are welcome on this one.  All I know is that I’m doing the mad call tomorrow morning around San Diego looking for one hank so I can finish this project in time for my DH’s company holiday party tomorrow night.  And that’s pushing it already!  ARG!

(BTW, how about the color difference between the trim and the coat body?  Both are the colorway “Raphael,” but it’s interesting to see how the dye took to the fibers differently.  The Point 5 is 100% wool, while the Tagliatelli is 90% merino wool and 10% nylon.)

It’s time to go to bed and read some more of Carly Fiorina’s book about her experiences at HP.  That should remind me why I’m happy to be having this kind of a problem and not all of that crap I used to deal with!


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