Posted by: Kim | December 11, 2006

Finishing is not my friend

Harlow assemblyDid I ever say how much I hate finishing work?  I truly enjoy the knitting process—I’ll knit pieces all day long.  But like all things in the universe, there is a balance.  For as much as knitting is my “yang,” finishing work is truly the “yin.”  It is the darker element of this craft.  I am the reason that your LYS offers finishing services.  But I will not take that route.  I will knash my teeth, curse, sweat and cry through those seams before I’ll cave.  I want to say that I completed the project myself.

So why the Monday morning blues?  Because I finished knitting the Harlow coat pieces yesterday (much smiling and rejoicing).  This morning started with a cup of coffee and the pieces spread out on the dining room table, carefully pouring through reference books to determine the best approach.  I’ve decided on backstitching for the shoulder seams, due to the pattern having dropped shoulders and the weight of the yarn.  I’ll set the sleeves and do the side seams with a woven seam finish.  Then I finish the horizontal inset pockets on the front.

Harlow trimThe last step is the “optional fur trim” that calls out for the Tagliatelle yarn.  I had the hardest time following the pattern; I finally e-mailed Colinette for clarification, as I could not find anyone on the Internet that seems to have done this project and written about it.  Colinette was very prompt at replying and I’m happy to say that I should be able to complete the trim to sew it on this week.  I should have final photos by Friday.


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