Posted by: Kim | December 8, 2006

Appliance woes

You know, I should have known it was going to be like this today.  I’m feeling off my game, as we had an impromptu session of drinking wine (with very little food) last night in the casa.  I was turning over in my head what I should blog about—it was not going well due to the low-grade pain that even Advil will not cure.  As I walked by the garage door, I could hear this unnatural sound coming from the other side.  Yes, to my horror, it was the washing machine.

Now, for those of you who read Yarn Harlot (and there are A LOT of you), I could never attempt to write the ode to Mr. Washie that she so lovingly crafted when she experienced this fate.  If you’ve never read it, please stop and do so now.  Really, I’ll wait.  It’s worth the time.  My washing machine has only felted one item for me.  It has not given me the years of dedication that a Mr. Washie fully deserves.  The thing is only 8 years old, for goodness sakes.  It doesn’t stop me from pining for one of those cool front-loaders that you see everywhere now.  In fact, I was coveting one of those hot numbers at my local Costco warehouse just yesterday.  So, karma bit me in the butt today.  I did not show love and loyalty to my washer, so my washer stopped working for me.

Here’s Kato evaluating the situation.

Washer apart

Mind you, I was already picturing the new one that would take its place; the only remorse I was suffering was to our bank account balance which would be soon depleted.  I did my due diligence and retrieved the exploded part diagrams on the Internet, then researched part prices.  Considering the most expensive parts (motor or gear case transmission) were $140, I figured that the only smart choice was “repair.”  But what if we truly couldn’t figure out what was broken?

Upon further disassembly, you can see that it didn’t take an Einstein to see the problem…

Washer part

So, the couplings are only $15, and we can buy them locally.  I’ll have my washing machine back together in no time.  Yes, no pretty, new, high-tech washer with membrane push-button switches, 35 million special cycles, and perhaps in a hip color too!  The only problem is it would be like buying the hottest Barbie in town and bringing her home to put next to your G.I. Joe that you’ve played “combat” with for the last 10 years.  I’d want “Ken” too.

This still isn’t going to stop me from looking at those “other” washers…



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