Posted by: Kim | November 26, 2006

Unexpected project detour

Did you ever have one of those days where it seems everything you’re knitting is too drab for your mood?  I was in one of those funks yesterday, so I decided to start the Harlow coat.  It’s a definite change from my last few projects.  Don’t you think?

Harlow Coat

The fun part about this is that after using such small needles for socks, using size 17 straight needles makes it feel like you’re knitting with Redwood trees!  It was a bit awkward getting through the gauge swatch and the first six rows, but now I’m moving along quickly.  I forgot how fast big needle knitting goes!  I’ve already completed the first 13 1/2″ of the bottom of the back.  Here’s a shot of the detail of the yarn when knit up.  It’s Colinette Point Five in the Raphael colorway.  I love the purple, rust, pink and blue colors!

Harlow detail

If all goes well today, I’ll finish the back and still have time to start decorating the house for Christmas. 



  1. I love the colors!

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