Posted by: Kim | November 24, 2006

Turkey hangover and It’s Civil War today!

TurkeyI have to say that nothing is better than NOT being out at the malls on Black Friday.  I’m actually happier to wake up to the post-Thanksgiving mess around the house, feeling somewhat miserable from eating too much last night while picking up the dirty placemats and napkins.  Mmmm, that turkey was good!  The other nice surprise today is the cloud cover.  We’re finally experiencing a bit of fall weather.  It’s gloomy and a cool 62 degrees outside.  (Stop it.  I hear you all snickering out there.  If you constantly had 90+ degree-days into November, you’d think 62 was cool too!)  Considering all of our family and friends in the Pacific Northwest have been getting dumped on by rain, we’re fortunate, but I really wouldn’t mind a few rainy days here for us.

CW shirt 1It’s time to put on the orange Converses!  After coffee, we’re showering up and going to a Civil War watch party here in San Diego with the Oregon Ducks Alumni group.  We’ve done this for the last five years, and although we’re sworn enemies on the field, we always have a good time.  The home team has won the last ten years and it’s our turn this time!  It’s this time of year that is tough to be in Southern California.  There’s something cool about being in Oregon and seeing all of the Beaver and Duck flags up, people sporting their colors all week before the game, and hearing the trash talk for bragging rights for the next year.  It’s funny—these two teams could be in the cellar in the Pac-10 conference (well, they have before in the past) CW Shirt 2and this game would matter more than the rest of the schedule.  Right now, OSU is in third place and on track for a bid to the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas.  I really don’t think there’s any way that the stars are going to align in our favor for USC to get that BSC bid to play Ohio State so that Cal could move up to the Rose Bowl and we could get the Holiday Bowl here in SD.  It doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep hoping!  GO BEAVS!!!


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