Posted by: Kim | November 22, 2006

Warning — NKC ahead (yes, non-knitting content)

Well, I’m in a rock and a hard place about sharing my current knitting project.  It’s for my secret pal as part of the Warm Winter Exchange, so details and picture(s) will have to wait until next month.  In the meantime, I do have a bit of a rant to share.

The other day I posted the following photo on our refrigerator:

Coffee Spill

What I wrote underneath it was “Why I want a new coffee maker.”  Yes, it got some laughs from DH and Kato.  This is a morning ritual that we’ve all suffered from in this house when it comes to our coffee maker carafe.  It continually leaks when you pour coffee.  We’ve tried pouring slow, pouring fast, cleaning the seal between the carafe and the lid before pouring–nothing works.  Well, there is one thing…pouring over the sink!!  The reason that this really irks me (other than the resulting mess) is that this coffee maker is the Cuisinart Grind N’ Brew with the thermal carafe.  Yes, it’s not a “cheap” appliance in any sense of the word.  And after much research on the Internet, we do not appear to be the only ones with this problem.

So, now this has resulted in the world’s largest coffee maker research project.  We’ve burned through Krups machines, Cuisinart units (even before this one), Mr. Coffee, and I’m sure more than I even remember.  So, what’s the best option for a replacement?  My dad is a big Bunn fan, but none of their models have a programmable timer as well as a thermal carafe, which are both requirements for this household.  We’re now considering a couple of Capresso models based on consumer feedback (yikes, they’re how much?!).  I guess what really chaps me is that we’ve paid good money for coffee makers and they all seem to have issues.  What’s happened to the quality?



  1. I’m a french press gal, so I can’t relate to the coffee gadget with lots of electronic bits and pieces!

  2. You know, I used to use a french press at work, so maybe I should just go back to that! I’ve never had these types of challenges with something so simple.

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