Posted by: Kim | November 19, 2006

Sunday = knitting projects

It’s been a few days since my last post.  I’ve been working on real deadlines on a couple of projects this week.  One was my hubby’s Christmas stocking.  I ordered the yarn from Suzoo’s Wool Works in Costa Mesa (I really recommend using them–they just started their online store).  The pattern for the sock (“Mix-and-Match Socks”)was selected by DH out of the Knit Christmas Stockings! book.  This was my first real attempt at color knitting and boy, I need more practice!  I started to finally do a better job on the tension with the carried yarns by the time I hit the toes, but there are definite sections on this stocking that could have been done better.  I think the photo looks ok, since I didn’t do a real close-up on the work.  I’ll complete this today after stitching his name on the upper portion.

DH stocking

I also went shopping this week for yarn for my project for my secret pal, as part of the “Warm Winter Exchange.”  I’m really looking forward to starting this one, as I’m excited about the color selections.  Sorry, I can’t post any more until after the pals are revealed next month.  I’ll be sure to put up photos at that point.

Well, back to work!  And GO CHARGERS!!!!


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