Posted by: Kim | November 6, 2006

The gauge witch strikes again

So, I haven’t posted the lastest updates on what was on the needles in the last week.  The reason being is that I was cranking out a pair of dress socks for Kato and I figured that I’d have the first sock done within a week and ta-da…no “under construction” picture.  (Here’s where the foreboding music plays.)

I did all the right things.  I patiently did a gauge test in the round using three different sizes–0, 1 and 2.  The pattern called for size 1, but I went with the 0 since my gauge test gave me 8 sts/1 inch.  And off I went!  Granted, knitting with size 0 calls for more patience (and my reading glasses).  I dropped stitches, I frogged and reknit, I cursed.  And I still progressed at a rate of speed even I was astonished by.

As I was turning the heel at 12:30am this morning, it occurred to me that I should try them on to be sure that they would fit comfortably on Kato.  Imagine the look on my face as I realized that the leg of the sock was beginning to cut off the blood flow to my calf and that the heel was too small even for me.  ARGGGGG!!!!!  I’m knitting a pair of orthopedic support hose!!  That’s when I put the sock down and went to bed.

This morning I started on size 1 needles using the second ball to make sure this one would work.  Halfway through the cuff, it looks promising.  I still have not frogged the size 0 experiment–I can’t bring myself to wreck that work yet.  I’ve even taken a photo to share with you:

Kato sock size 0 

What went wrong?  The only thing I can figure is that my tension was WAY too tight.  So, even with gauge checking, this can still go wrong.  I need to follow my gut more–I had a feeling I should have gone with the size 1’s right from the start!



  1. Does the gauge on your size 0 sock still fit the original gauge?

  2. Yup–that’s the weirdest part. I measured the stockinette stitch in the heel area and it’s still 8 sts/1 inch.

  3. I hate the phenomenon of gauge, if you want to call it a phenomenon. You think you hit gauge in your swatch but as soon as you’re done like half of the real project, you realize that you’re not even on gauge. That ALWAYS happens to me. Good luck!

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