Posted by: Kim | October 30, 2006

No “Second Sock Syndrome” here!!

Ok, I’m happy to say that I just finished my pair of socks literally 10 minutes ago.  Here are a couple of snapshots:

 Flat socksSocks on

I used two 50g balls of Schachenmayr Regia 4fädig in color 5160.

Being that this was my first attempt at socks, here’s what I discovered that I liked and disliked about them as a project:


  1. Fast, fast, fast — I’ve done some large projects in my time, and something this quick gives me happiness.  This type of project helps combat the “A.D.D.” side of me, which I have to fight constantly to keep from starting multiple projects.
  2. Small and portable — I completed the first sock while in the car on the way to Oregon.  It was much easier to handle in the passenger seat than an afghan!
  3. Learned something new — I learned to knit with two circular needles and it wasn’t hard to do.  Considering my dislike of DP’s, it gives me hope that I can adapt this approach to some of the hat patterns I’ve done.


  1. GRAFTING THE TOES! — Ok, maybe because this is new to me, but I cannot tell you how much trouble I had doing this step.  I know my tension on the grafts are not good and practice will make me better, but trying to follow the diagrams in multiple resources on HOW to do this on the needles was a challenge–even for left-brained me.   Luckily, this isn’t enough to stop me from trying this again.  Heaven knows I abhore finishing work, but I still knit sweaters in pieces, even after learning to do them in the round.

The best part is that I’m now going to jump in the shower and get cleaned up to do my errands and I’ll wear these out today!


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