Posted by: Kim | October 14, 2006

It’s called a Sock Do-Over

Well, since my last post, I’ve been busily working on painting the exterior trim on our house.  This has taken away from some knitting time, but I’ve managed to cram in a bit during TV time in the evening.  I’m happy to say that I’m 85% done with the Christmas project.  I’m not so happy to say that I decided to frog the Cherry Tree Hill sock project in favor of another yarn.

I found myself growing frustrated with the slippery finish on the yarn.  Plus, I kept making the rookie mistake of pulling the wrong circular needle end to prepare for knitting the second side.  Thus, threading K2/P2 ribbing on a size 2 needle back onto the needle wasn’t my idea of fun.

Instead of giving up altogether on socks, I decided to start over with some Schachenmayr Regia self-striping yarn in color 5160 on size 3 needles.  The finish on this yarn is easier to work with as a rookie.  Thanks to a 2-hour car servicing appointment, here’s my progress so far:

Regia sock

I have to say that I’m still working out my gauge consistency and really focusing on not getting those ladders.  It feels strange to have those issues, just like a new knitter all over again.  But, I’m enjoying it enough to not give it up.  Plus, I’m driving up to Oregon on Monday, so these will make the perfect car project.

Now the fun part—I’m sick of how slow my laptop is running, so I decided that since it’s raining outside and I can’t paint, that today’s the day for the format/re-install.  Wish me luck!


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