Posted by: Kim | September 29, 2006

Such a slacker!

If there is anyone left reading my blog at this point, I have to call you persistent or bored.  I haven’t been good about updating, so I made a promise to my best friend (who may literally be the last one checking it) that I would update.

Since my trip to Minneapolis, I’ve been pretty busy on everything but knitting.  The hubby and I flew up to Oregon for a family wedding and I’ve been working on house upgrades.  I finished installing the last of the custom wood blinds that we selected eight years ago when we bought our home.  Yes, it took eight years to get them all in.  Now I’m working on cleaning out the garage and prepping the outside of the house to repaint our trim work.

As far as the knitting stuff goes, I didn’t start the Ariel tank, as I decided to review the length (too short for my tastes), and I suspect that the armhole opening may need to be lengthened.  I’m truly too lazy to do the math on it at this point, plus summer is already over.  So, that project is going on the backburner for next season.  Now I’m heading into the Christmas gift window.  Have you ever picked a project that looked like a good idea at the time, but then you start it and you get that nagging feeling it’s not going to turn out well?  You continue to push ahead, convincing yourself it will turn out fine, but finally, after starts and stops with some progress (and many wasted hours thinking about what to do), you just pull the ejection handle and bail.  I did that yesterday on a gift project and bought more yarn to do something else.  Unfortunately, I cannot go into more detail at this point, as this gift is for a possible reader of this blog.  I’ll fill you in later.

In order to get my head in the right place about knitting again (and to say that I could actually complete a project), I worked on a hat for my sister yesterday.  While I was in Minneapolis, she took me to the LYS (Yarn Cafe–loved the place!), and she picked out some Rowan Biggy Print so I could make her a new hat for this winter.  I used the Nina pattern from Hip Knit Hats, which knits up quickly.  Here’s the result:

Nina hat

If it wasn’t for the fact that I made myself one last year in a different colorway, I’d have been tempted to keep it for myself!  I do think she needs it more than I do, as she has to deal with snow and ice.  I, on the other hand, have to travel to a cold place just to use mine.

Well, back to house chores.  I’ll see if I can be a little more diligent about writing.



  1. Dang about time! 🙂

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