Posted by: Kim | August 21, 2006

I am alive (really)

Well, I’ve survived the last couple of weeks of activities.  The visit with my nephew and his dad for 10 days was fun.  The baseball team did well in pool play (4-1), and made it through a couple rounds of the elimination brackets, but they ultimately lost the day before the semi and final games.  We also had time to take them out on the boat in the bay and open ocean.  Kato impressed them as a master boat driver as he executed circular slides at high speed (boys will be boys and I have the bruises to prove it).  After the guests left last weekend, I spent the following week just chilling out reading books and cooking—no knitting!  I think I needed the break to make me hungry to knit again.

Also, darling hubby returned from his 16-day motorcycle odyssey on Saturday, which also happened to be his birthday.  We spent the morning running around preparing the balloons, signs, gifts and Coldstone cake for his arrival.  Considering the celebratory mood we were all in, Sunday turned out to be recovery day for the household.

So now I can get to work on my house fix-it chore list (no, knitting!), as September is shaping up to be travel month.  I think I’ll measure the windows for those blinds to order (no, knit the Ariel tank!), and perhaps buy the paint for the exterior trim (no, really—knit the tank you fool woman!).


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