Posted by: Kim | August 2, 2006

All hell breaking loose = little knitting

Well, it’s 7:30am, and this is probably the best time to get a post done before all hell breaks loose today.  Before I get into the details, let me pass on the update on yestereday’s eye exam.  As far as the sinus problem goes—not much was done on that front.  I (admittedly) was feeling better when I went to my appointment yesterday.  Guess I’ll be taking OTC Sudafed until it goes away.  For the actual eye exam…I get reading glasses.  So, now I’ll look intelligent as I knit, work on the computer and read.  I should have my new glasses in a couple of weeks.  Woopie!

Now, for hell breaking loose.  This afternoon my 16-year-old nephew and his dad arrive for a 10-day visit from Seattle, so I’ll be furiously cleaning house, grocery shopping and getting to the airport by 2pm.  They’re in town for a baseball tournament and will be staying with us.  Just in time for the arrival, Hubby will be leaving on a 16-day motorcycle trip through 6 states early tomorrow morning (this is an annual event for him).  Also, Kato is flying out for a 5-day family visit in the latter morning hours, so it’s back to the airport for the drop off.  Since everyone’s arrival/departure is staggered, I’ll be doing round robin sleeping arrangements for a few days.  The baseball tournament starts on Friday, so I’ll be watching a few games of 16U baseball over the weekend.  I’m excited about it, since I haven’t had the honor of watching my nephew play until now.

What does that mean for knitting?  Unfortunately, not much.  As much as I intended to start the Ariel tank last night, it didn’t happen after going to the doc.  The break from knitting might be good for my eyes a bit, so we’ll see.  (Wait a minute—I just read what I wrote.  What am I saying?!  I must be delerious!)

Ok, off to tackle the long list of to-dos….



  1. I hope you’ve survived the comings and goings of all the family. It sounds like a really hectic time! How were the baseball games?

    Any time for knitting? Your shrug looks beautiful. Although I started knitting mine with acrylic, I am strongly considering saving up my money to buy the Lornas Laces. Yours looks so beautiful. How warm is it? Do you think that it will be too warm to wear indoors during the winter?

  2. Hi, there! Yes, I survived the games and they were fun to watch, but it took me a week to recover from the 10 days! I didn’t get any knitting done at all, but the break has made me hungry to start!

    Thanks for the feedback on the shrug. The wool does make it warm (it was tough to shoot the photo outdoors in August). I think you can wear it indoors during the winter if you wear a t-shirt underneath or if the room isn’t overheated. We’ve been out to restaurants that keep their air conditioning running, and this would be good for those times!

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