Posted by: Kim | August 1, 2006

Already August?! Four weeks of slacker status under my belt

Well, it’s been four weeks since my last day of work.  How has my stress level been reduced in that time?  Let’s review:

  • The first two weeks were spent sleeping like utter crap.  I thought that I’d have some challenges, but it was more than expected.  There were a few nights on the couch with the pugs and watching the most boring television show I could find to try to force some sleep at 2am.
  • The third week brought what I believe is a sinus infection on the left side of my head, that also appears to be affecting my upper eyelid as well (slight swelling and ticking).  This was at its worst while I was in Phoenix and during our heatwave.  Nothing wants to make you scream “MERCY!” like the sinus pressure in your head when it’s 110 degrees outside.  That 5.5 hours driving back to San Diego was brutal.
  • The fourth week brought more of the same.  I went to my family practioner’s office first off on Monday, but I had to see a different doctor.  Isn’t it a sign when you can get in right away to see a doctor, while your favorite one is booked for three solid weeks?  He told me to take Airborne, and then sent me to take a lab test (blood draw) after fasting for my cholesterol level to be checked.  Hmmm.  Unsatisfied with his diagnosis, I went to Urgent Care at the local hospital the next day.  At least they x-ray’d my head to check my sinuses.  I was sent home with a recommendation to take Ibuprofen for the pain (what do they think I’ve been doing all of this time!), drink plenty of water, and see an eye doctor for an eye exam, as it had been at least 15 years since the last one.

So here we are today.  The good news is that when my sinuses aren’t annoying me (they’ve moved past “killing” or I’ve grown used to this), I am sleeping better.  The problem is still present with the eyelid though.  And I have an eye exam scheduled for this afternoon.  I just want some antibiotics to get rid of this!  I’m suspecting that the medical community is on a shift to prescribe them less to reduce the chances of immunity building.  So, what I’m expecting today is getting no drugs and a prescription for eye glasses even though my eyesight has always been good.  Why not?  I turned 40 eight months ago, I feel completely out of shape physically (I’m blowing off the gym while I’m feeling this way), and my parents had to get glasses for reading at about this time.  All I know is I want to feel better!

You know, it’s ironic that I always thought I’d feel better once I quit working.  I used to suffer from poor sleeping and eye muscle twitches pretty regularly when I worked.  So, the first couple of weeks would be spent catching up on sleep, then pow!  I’d feel like a million bucks and would be tackling projects left and right!  What’s really happened is that I’ve felt like tired crap for most of the last month.  At least the sleeping is getting better.  I’ve had so many people tell me that I need to be patient.  Apparently the buildup of 14 years of stress, with the last 2-3 years being especially hard, takes it’s toll on your body and mind and it’s like detoxing right now.

The good news?  I haven’t had ONE URGE to go back to my job, so I know I made the right decision.  Now I just have to get healthy again.


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