Posted by: Kim | July 26, 2006

Out of yarn for shrug!!!!!

OK, usually something of this magnitude doesn’t happen to me because I always buy 1-2 extra balls/skeins/hanks of yarn for any project.  Mind you, I didn’t do that with the shrug, as I loved the colorway and my LYS had exactly what I needed left.  Yes—I tempted the knitting gods and FAILED!!!  So, here I am with 1/2 of a sleeve to go, and I’m out of the Gold Hill colorway.  I’ve done the needle in a haystack search for the lot code for the last 10 days to no avail.  I’ve even posted on Knitters Review Forum (61 views and no saviors to date).  So how did I run out?  I checked my gauge—it’s good.  I made the XL, but I didn’t go to the suggested body size of 67 stitches between markers; I stopped at 63.  I did lengthen the sleeves about another inch, but that shouldn’t have been the issue.  I guess it will remain a mystery.  I’m planning a trip to the LA area on Friday to buy one more skein of another dye lot.  Yes, no one in SD has the stuff.  I’ll take the shrug with me and do a color comparison.  If it’s too drastic, then I can rip the sleeve out and alternate the lots to blend it.

Ariel swatchSo, what do you do when you’re dead in the water on a project?  You swatch your next project.  Thanks to the extreme heat, I’m going with the Colinette Arial tank in Giotto ribbon (Jay colorway).  I abhore knitting with ribbon, but I couldn’t resist the colorway, and I’m even more excited after swatching.  This project ought to be a nice quick job after the twisting on the shrug.  And yes, I have an extra hank of Giotto for this!



  1. Love the tank color! That will be very cute!

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