Posted by: Kim | July 10, 2006

First Shrug Sleeve is Done!

Yes!  These sleeves DO go faster than the body!  My only disappointment is that due to the length of my gorilla arms, I used extra yarn to get them the length I wanted (yes, even with the XL size I had to make them longer).  Thus, it appears that I am borderline on having enough of color A to complete the second sleeve.  Considering I have no guarantee at this point that I’ll get the same dye lot, I’m holding off starting the second sleeve until I confirm what I can get at the LYS tomorrow.



  1. Hey Kim,

    I don’t know if you got my message, but I was wondering how you did the decreases for the sleeve. Did you do k2tog or ssk? did you do them at the beginning of the round or the end of the round? Did you do them 1-2 stitches before/after the marker?

    I know, so many possibilities. Just wanted to get some advice.

  2. Crud—I forgot to reply back! I’ve been in an overheated fog this week. I did the decreases right after the marker on stitch one as either a k2tog or p2tog, depending on which row I was on. Based on the fact that you’re wearing the garment inside-out, I didn’t really see the decreases by going that route. Plus, by doing the decrease right at the beginning of the round change, it “hides” in with the pattern shift anyway. It did change my A/B color start point on the twist rows, but you can’t really tell on the finished sleeve either. Sorry for the slow response!

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