Posted by: Kim | July 9, 2006

Weekend Update

Bonsai treeI had my work goodbye party down at the beach yesterday.  It was a very nice sendoff—the weather was perfect and there was a good turnout.  I did get a bit sunburned (when will I learn?), but it’s not too painful this morning.  I received some very thoughtful gifts from a number of former co-workers.  The executive staff gave me a Bonsai tree, which I know nothing about, so it looks like I have a new hobby.  The only thing that scares me is that I’m not usually good with houseplants.  This ought to be a personal growth experience!

Sleeve progressAs far as the shrug is going, I’m now to the elbow and starting my shaping for the forearm.  The sizing is going to be a bit large, but I’m fine with extra room.  That way I can fit undergarment sleeves in there with little hassle.  It looks like I’m still on track to finish the first sleeve in the next couple of days.  I just hope I can stay focused and not fall prey to the second sleeve boredom.


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