Posted by: Kim | July 6, 2006

Unemployment update

Ok, I’m going to come out and admit that I was feeling a bit lost yesterday on my first unemployed day.  I found myself doing my normal morning routine—reading e-mail, catching up on news on-line.  After I finished, now what?  I didn’t feel like going to the gym, so I had no excuse.  I needed to start the shrug sleeve again.  I’m already on the second pattern repeat today, so I’ll post an update with photos and details later.  I ended up dropping off Dieter (that high-maintenance love of my life pictured in the header) for some repair work and had a late lunch with Kato.  Yes, fate of fates.  Our roommate became unemployed last Friday.  The difference was mine was planned, his was not.  His status change only served to make me more sure of my decision because he worked at the same company I did.  Now hubby is the sole breadwinner in the house at the moment (poor guy) and even worse at the said same company (really poor guy).

The good news is today I feel more channelled.  I went to the gym and I’m showered before noon.  It’s the small victories!



  1. You said that your first goal of unemployed life was to to wake up without an alarm clock on a weekday! Have you accomplised this goal yet?

  2. One day I woke up to an alarm–Kato’s! I could hear it down the hall with my door closed, but he was already up and in the backyard. Curses!

    Other than that, I haven’t used an alarm clock yet. The only problem is I’m still getting up at 5-5:30am due to hubby rising for work and years of conditioning. I think it’s going to take a couple of weeks to get out of that habit.

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