Posted by: Kim | July 6, 2006

Shrug Sleeve Underway

Sleeve after two repeatsI promised an update this afternoon, so here it is.  I’ve completed nearly the second pattern repeat.  I’m also including a photo of the sleeve on, as Kenny from the KAL is looking at changing the decrease for more of a custom fit for his friend.Sleeve on arm  If anyone is wondering how the default fit is, the sleeve is the XL size (72 stitches) and the circumference is 15″ in the upper arm.  My upper arm is 11 1/2″ inches, so I’m happy with the ease.  The one modification I did do is I added two extra stitches on the pickup, because I was getting a couple of gaps.  I then decreased by two on the second row of the first pattern repeat to get back on to 72 stitches.  Vicki from the KAL was right:  the knitting at this stage goes MUCH faster than the body.  At this rate, I should have the first sleeve done by next week.  Then I’ll have the entire project done for the August 100-degree heat—nice planning!  You know, with this kind of forethought, I should start the Ariel tank next (see “Knitting Projects” page here).  That way I can have that one finished for Halloween!  Maybe there is something to the idea of having more than one project on the needle at one time.  Hmmm…..



  1. Your shrug looks great! Thanks for coming and checking out my blog! Happy knitting

  2. Wonderful. Thanks so much for your help. It’s always good to know what another knitter is doing. So much of my knitting is isolated.

    BTW, how are you doing your decreases? Are you doing them at the beginning of the round or at the end of the round? Are you doing a k2tog? Are you doing them right at the marker or one or two stitches before/after the marker?

  3. Oh, BTW, I just added you to my blog roll. You have an interesting blog.

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