Posted by: Kim | June 30, 2006

Knitting withdrawals

I woke up this morning realizing that I miss my knitting.  I haven’t done anything with my shrug sleeves in over a week.  I could have taken it on my trip to Chicago last weekend to do during my flights, but it’s just too large to juggle in coach.  Then, college baseball and work have absorbed my time this week.  The only thing that has caused me to pick up my needles is that Kato’s 10-year-old daughter asked if I would teach her how to knit, so I’ve spent time teaching her casting on and the knit stitch last weekend around my trip.

The good news is today is my last full day of work, so that distraction is winding down.  Outside of going into work this weekend to pack up my office, I can actually sit still and make time for knitting again.  Finally!



  1. Talk about a great week for you. The Beavs winning the College World Series, then finishing up your last week in Corporate America. Congrats. Time for some more celebratory drinks for wrapping up corporate life. Have some for me. I’ll be busy preparing myself for yet another week in the dredges down in Dilbertland.

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