Posted by: Kim | June 26, 2006

OSU wins!!!!!

OSU storms the fieldOK, I’ve had entirely too many celebratory drinks to be writing this blog entry, but I’m in a state of euphoria.  OSU won!  The final score was 3-2; our nerves are frayed from waiting for a break to the tied score for the second half of the game.  There’s nothing like scoring the go-ahead run at the bottom of the 8th, and having to wait for three outs for the win.  This is only the second national championship for OSU ever—the last being in Cross Country in 1961.  GO BEAVS!!! 



  1. I would never have known you had too much celebrating. You write real good 🙂
    Great win!!!! I’ve had that song in my head ever since I saw the headline –‘Simply The Best’! Good song though. Beats ‘It’s a Small World’!!! Yep, could be worse, much worse!!
    Two more days to go…I’m thinking of you and wishing you the very best. You deserve a break!!

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