Posted by: Kim | June 25, 2006

Quite a weekend

Well, this weekend has been event-filled to say the least!

I did a quick hop from San Diego to Chicago for my grandfather's birthday party.  Since I couldn't miss a work day, I flew out on Saturday at 6:20am.  The party was Saturday night at 5:00pm local time, then I was on a plane back to San Diego today by 10:00am.  My exciting story for the ride home was the fact that Bow Wow (formerly know as Lil' Bow Wow) was on my flight.  The sad part is that I sat 10 feet away from him at the terminal gate waiting for the flight to board and I didn't know it was him until I caught some airport employees gawking in his direction.  I guess I'm not so hip anymore when it comes to music–I couldn't recognize a hip-hop artist if he was sitting right next to me!

Then, the Beavers had to provide more roller coaster thrills by losing Game 1 of the College World Series championship to UNC by a score of 4-3 last night.  (Props to my husband and best friend, Muff, for keeping me up to date on the score during the party!)  The Beavs recovered nicely today with an 11-7 victory to force Game 3 tomorrow night.  Being an OSU fan is not for the faint of heart!  One more day of wearing the orange Chuck Taylors for luck tomorrow



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