Posted by: Kim | June 20, 2006

Shrug sleeve update

I started the first sleeve on the shrug on Saturday.  There is a post on the KAL site pointing out that you want to think about where to start your round on the sleeve, as the "seam" could show (like the one across the back).  So, I considered what side was "up" and started my round.  After two pattern repeats, I stopped to check out how it would look on me.  The seam placement was fine for the sweater orientation, but once I flipped it over to wear as a shrug, the seam was on top of my arm.  Hmmm!  So, I've frogged it and am now thinking about how to best approach this.

If you get a chance, check out the KAL link on the left.  Another knitter has finished her shrug and posted a photo.  The colors are great, and it's making me really excited to finish mine.



  1. Kim, I think it was me who posted the comments about the sleeve. I thought this would be the case with the seam placement if you wanted to wear it the other way round so I’m not sure of the best solution.

    I think for me, I’ll mostly be wearing the longer version.

    Another point about the sleeves, make sure you make them long enough. Mine is a small, but I completed an extra round and also added the lapel pattern and they’re still shorter than I’d like but after knitting the edging I decided I could live with the length. They’re much harder to measure accurately than regular sleeves that are sewn in later.

  2. Vicki, thanks for the tip! Yes, it was your post that got me thinking about this. Also, considering I’m 5’10” tall and have long arms, I’m constantly having to lengthen sleeves on anything I knit for myself. Now that I’ll not be working, I’m finally going to start the sleeves again this week. I’m probably going to put the seam “up” on the shrug view after all. I figure that the longer lapel will hide most of it that way. At least I don’t mind frogging what I did, as I wasn’t completely happy with the pick up stitches anyway!

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