Posted by: Kim | June 12, 2006

Yes, I’ve finished the shrug body!

I'm proud to announce that I've completed the world's largest doily twisted float shrug body tonight.  I made the XL to be sure that it's roomy enough for my tastes, so of course it covers the entire width of the dining room table! Shrug bodyI have to say that the supportive words from knitters on the Twisted Shrug Knitalong blog helped me through those last six rows with a smile.  It may have been the worst knitting experience I've had in some time, but it's the best choice for the trim.  I can't complain.  I'm also happy with the color combination and can't wait to start the sleeves.  They ought to be a snap after slogging through the body.  I'm just happy that I got it done in a month.  At this rate, I'll actually be able to wear it in the fall!  For reference, I'm including photos of the detail on the wrong (right) side and the right (wrong) side.

Detail on the outside viewDetail on the inside view 

Now that I've finished the body, it's time to bask in my "doneness" and go to bed.



  1. Hi Kim. Thanks for leaving that comment on my blog. So what exactly did you do? You knitted an XL, so you must have needed to pick up 72 sts. And you said you picked up 2 extra and decreased to 72. Did you go ahead and knit 5 repeats without decreasing before you started the decrease section?

    How did that turn out? Was it too baggy at the underarms?

    My friend’s upper arm measures 11″ . So I guess I need to give her maybe 2″ of ease right? Right now, I just picked up the sttiches and it measures 14″ around. That’s too big isn’t it?

    Please write back and tell me if the original pattern turned out too baggy under the armpit.


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