Posted by: Kim | June 5, 2006

Four weeks to unemployment

Ah, it's down to the last four weeks! When I decided to leave my job and turned in my resignation in March, this time seemed so far away. I guess it's true that time passes much faster as you get older.

Nothing new on the knitting front since yesterday. I'm slogging through the last twists on the body of the shrug. As I was having a nice glass of wine with my knitting last night, it occurred to me how wine can be both a help and a hindrance to knitting. Yesterday was a fine example of "help"– with the speed I'm tackling this shrug, I've noticed that the hands and knuckles are a bit stiff. Wine has not only helped to dull the pain, but also dull the mind. You go crazy knitting in circles for this long; wine is the perfect sedative.

Now, the hindrance. My husband and I had to travel for his mother's funeral last December. During the trip, I was trying to complete a baby blanket for some dear friends that had adopted their first child (let us not examine why I wasn't more prepared when they had been looking to adopt for quite some time). I had some first class upgrade vouchers for the airline, and I thought it might be a nice time to use them on the way home. After we left the ground, out came the knitting and a glass of wine appeared in front of me. Apparently, DH instructed the flight attendant to "keep me medicated." I just thought the airline provided exceptional service–silly me! I have to say that the sheer volume of knitting I completed while trapped on the plane was astounding. What was even more astonishing was what I discovered the next day: I had reversed front and back at some point the previous evening and about two inches of cable pattern was now facing the wrong way! How did I not see this? Ah, yes–the wine. I had a nice flight, but it wasn't worth two inches of frogging.

Remember, all vices in moderation. Or just put down the knitting.


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