Posted by: Kim | June 2, 2006

So calm, so quiet…RANT!!!!

Warning–NKC (non-knitting content) coming…

Ok, so last evening was very relaxing after work–had some nice zinfindel, made it around the shrug three times after dinner, great Thursday night. Got up this morning–sun is already out, beautiful Boxster day for top-down driving to work. I turned on the news (morning ritual) and caught the morning rebroadcast of Countdown, Keith Olbermann's show on MSNBC. He regularly picks at Bill O'Reilly for inaccuracies on the O'Reilly Factor show, and this one was a doozy. I'm not professing to be conservative or liberal myself, but regardless of your beliefs, this one has to be watched. Once you get to the Countdown page, look for the video about 'Another episode of the "Factor Fiction".' It originally aired on June 1st.

So, this story got me so riled up, I even hauled my laptop downstairs and forced Kato, our roommate (yes, not his real name and there's a story to be told), to watch. Then I made the grave error of logging in to work e-mail. What has gone wrong in the world with people? I see this every day–employees coming to work and putting in 50% effort. Where is the work ethic? Where is the personal pride? Ok, maybe I'm just fried from 15 years in this company, but I don't understand people who blow off following up on an issue for 3 MONTHS. No excuse.

Ok…time to medicate myself with Starbucks and drive in to the salt mine. Oh, did I tell you that I only have four and a half weeks to go before I'm out of that place?



  1. I’m still trying to find out what happen to my work ethic. 15 years is a long time. I’m at about 5 and I’m fried.

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