Posted by: Kim | June 1, 2006

Shrug update

This morning it was time for a gauge check. On a 40" circular, I would have sworn it was larger, but I'm at 28" across (XL size). I'm into the last pattern repeat before the lapel section. Here's a photo:


The heavier brown lines are the scrap yarn for the armholes. Rounds are now taking anywhere from 20-35 minutes, depending on whether I'm twisting or not. I've also switched to the 47" needle, so that should allow more space for the stitches. The only bad part is when I sit down to knit in the evening, I have to evaluate if I have enough time to make it around once!



  1. Hi Kim. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. How did you find me?

    Anyways, i’m so excited when I saw this picture. I’m also knitting the round shrug. I just don’t have much photos yet. I’m using a 60″ circular needle. I’m knitting the trim right now. As soon as I’m done with that I will have pictures.

    Oh, and by the way, did you know that there is a Cocoon shrug along? Check it out on my site, it’s on the side bar. Join it!

  2. Hi Kim! I love your blog on this shrug. You did a fabulous job. I am starting this project and reallllyyyy frustrated on the twisting. How did you keep the yarn from felting and knotting? I’m determined to figure this out. If you have any advice I would appreciate it. THANKS! Annalee

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