Posted by: Kim | May 29, 2006

Five weeks to go, and it’s a holiday!

I love that my countdown date for quitting work falls on a day off! Yah, Memorial Day!

I've completed the Jimmy Sweater Set. All that remains is buying the right buttons. I'm thinking simple round wood ones would look best so they don't get lost in the bright colors. Here's the photo:

Now that the baby gift is done, I'm back on the Twisted Float Shrug. I'm past the armholes now, and it's getting large enough that just doing one round takes 15 minutes (without the twist). I stayed up late enough working on it last night that everyone else was in bed, and I was getting delirious. Have you ever driven too many hours and start to see things that weren't there? That's what I was doing as I pushed to finish an increase row. You'd think I'd know better! Needless to say, I double-checked my work this morning.

Also, the repetition of the circles are starting to get to me. This is truly the kind of project that would drive even me to start another project just for an escape. I feel like I'm on this long straight highway through the middle of Nevada with no hope of any curves to wake me up from the coma. Oh, wait–that's the problem…all I have is curves! Well, I know I can't give in to the escape project, because there may be a risk that I won't finish the shrug for quite some time. I guess my escapism just needs to be putting it down to get some of my other chores done.

I'm off to get some chores done. Until the next update, happy knitting!


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